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Wedding Photography Services:
   High Definition Digital Still  Photography.
  & High Definition Video Services.

  Thank you for your considering our service.
Gary's love for wedding photography, easy-going personality,
  and beautiful work combine to provide his clients with images
  that will last a lifetime.
    Gary's work is artistic, thoughtful and beautiful.
  A classic trained wedding photographer who mixes 
  photojournalism and storytelling wedding photography to capture
  the traditional, the emotions, the action and the fun of your
  special  day.
  Mainland Photography Studio has always offered  affordable
  wedding packages.
    Ask For:  Wedding Special. 
Elopement Package: Free Shipping.

  Digital Print Package: Free Shipping.
Mainland Photography Studio will works to have
    a package to fit your wedding budget.


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Elopement Wedding     
Hours of Wedding Coverage.
    200  Print / Web Files                        
    1 Print/Web Master DVD.
    2- Print CD. 1- Web CD.
    Full copyrights release.
    5  8x10 Printed in Color.
Limited Availability!
    One Location Only.
    Available Only In: Brunswick. Georgia.
    St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island.

Digital / Print Wedding Package.
Level One:       1195
    5 Hours of Wedding Coverage.
    300 Print / Web Files.
    1 Print/Web Master DVD
    2- Print CD. 1- Web CD.

    Full copyrights release.
DVD Slide Show ( 5 copies)     
8   8x10 Prints in Color.  
 Digital / Video Wedding Package:
 2:                  1495.00

Basic Video Coverage:                                                

Hours of Wedding Coverage. 
     300 Print / Web Files.
     1 Print/Web Master DVD.
    2- Print CD. 1- Web CD.

    Full copyrights release.

       8  Retouched 8x10 Prints.
  6   Color 8x10 
     2   Archival B&W 8x10
5  Copy' of HD Video

  Elite Silver     1795.00

  Multimedia Digital Print Package.
       With Basic Video Coverage.
 6  Hours Coverage                      
      1 Print/Web Master DVD.
      3 - Print CD. 1- Web CD.

      DVD Multimedia Slide Show:  6 Copy's
Basic Video Coverage
6 Copy's of HD Video.
 Web / Print files 4x6.
      Color and Black & White Photographs.
10 Full Retouched 8 x10 Prints.
      8  Color 8x10
      2  B&W Archival Prints.

80 4 x 6 Archival Prints In Album:
 80 page pocket album
    Elite Gold:   2495.00
Multimedia Digital & Print Package.
     Full Video Coverage.
      6 Hours Coverage                                                  
      1 Print/Web Master DVD
     2- Print CD. 1- Web CD.

      DVD Multimedia Slide Show (5 Copy's)
      Full HD Video Coverage:
      With Second  Photographer.
      500 Web / Print files 4x6.
      Color and Black & White Photographs.
 10 Full Retouched 8 x10 Prints.
     (8) Color
     2 B&W Archival Prints.) 
     80 4 x 6 Archival Prints
     in Album.

    Royal :  3695.00
                "No Time Limit"
     Beach Engagement Session. 
     Full Digital / Print Package/ Video Pakage.
     1 Print/Web Master DVD/
     3  Print CD.  3 Web CD.

     500 Web/ Print files Color and B&W.
     100 4 x 6 custom prints in Album.
     10 Full Retouched 8 x 10 Prints.
     DVD Multimedia Slide Show   (6 copies)
     Full HD Video Coverage From:
     Second Photographer.
      (6 copies) HD Video DVD's.
           Grapi Studio Coffee Table Book:
     Custom Designed 9.5 x 13  
      50 Page Book in Case with 125 photos. 
   Diamond Package.          
      With Royal Package:      4495.00

     20 x 24 Signature Board with
     11 x 17 Print for reception.
     Royal Package with Second Photographer.
     GrapiStudio 9.5 x 13 60 Page Album.
     Metal Cover and Case.
   2: 9.5 x 11 GrapiStudio
    Full Size Parent Albums.
   16: 4 x 5 Pocket Albums.

All Wedding Packages start with the Retainer.
    To Reserve your date:

    Elopement/ Digital  Level One /
    Level Two Packages: 
............................  $ 250.00

    Full Wedding Package Retainer. 
500.00  Georgia & North Florida.

Add 1 Hours Extra Time To Any
   Package ....................... $ 100.00

Add HD Video Coverage.
  Basic Video Coverage With Small Package.
   Basic Video is HD Video of Ceremony and
   First Dances plus selected reception coverage
   (5) HD DVD ........................................    $ 200.oo

Full Video Coverage With Second
   Photographer Added To Any Package
   Separate Full HD Video Coverage of
   Ceremony and Reception.
   (6) DVD's  .......................... 
      $ 500.oo

  Add Second Photographer for more 
    coverage of your magical wedding day.
    ............................................       $ 500.oo

Please contact the studio to receive a wedding
  price list with  complete list of service, packages 
  information and payment plans that will fit your
  photography needs and budget.

 * While email is a good way to check on your date
    you will need to call on the phone to work out
    the full details of your date. 

Upgrade any package to include the world
   famous GraphiStudio Coffee Table Book to
   forever hold the joy of  your wedding day.

GraphiStudio:  Coffee Table Books.
*Note: Above are GrapiStudio Covers. But to see the
   real quality of these Books you must hold them in your hand.

Destination Wedding Photography.
 Travel to the destination of your dreams.
 Gary offers  "
No Worry" travel package for the 
 perfect destination wedding inside any
 National Park or State Park.
 Or Hawaii Islands Beach Wedding.
 Allow Gary to help you capture the wedding
 experience and night magic of  your
 unforgettable Las Vegas, Nevada or
  New York wedding.  
  Call today for a complete travel wedding
 package deal. Travel Discounts for any of
 these locations.
 Which  offers Gary's stunning landscape  &
 Portait photography mixed with his 
 storytelling wedding style.


       Wedding Question.
Q:  With the quality of your photography why do you offer packages under 1500.00?
  A:  Gary has alway offers small local wedding packages. 
       Knowing not everyone has a unlimited budget for the small family weddings.
And will not offer gold box shipping.
    * Gold box photography studios spend hundred of dollars shipping your prints and album in printed gold box's,  which end up in the trash.
 Your will receive
Gold Star* Service.
 Grapi Books come in cases and their own shipping boxes.
       Photographs are shipped in archival sleeves.
       And Gary use plain card board boxes for shipping.

 Q: Why should I hire a Professional Photographer and not  just have my friends and family photography my  wedding?
A:  Every one has point and shoot, cell phone cameras and I-Pads today.
Even pro-style SLR Cameras.
       But Your friends are not professional wedding photographers!  
       Study my photography, notice the lighting on the faces. The clarity of the images and how much detail you see in the dark backgrounds. And know most of the information is not being used for web size photographs.
       Even if your they have a good SLR digital camera, your friends are not professional wedding photographers who know how to work quickly and shoot perfect images under all kind of lighting and
timing conditions.
       I have spend years photographing weddings and have learned  what images to take to tell your
wedding day story in pictures.
       One reason people look happy in my photographs, is I work to make sure the photographs are done quickly and I do have fun making sure your family is relaxed and enjoys the photographs
       Your Wedding is one day  you want to save all the special moment forever. And to do this you need the skills of  a Real professional wedding photographer, to capture the action elegance and emotions of the day in quality photographs.
Do you really want to trust it to someone who just take good pictures sometimes?

   Q: How many pictures will you take at my wedding?
  A: Wedding are unique. I never know how many photographs I will take until a wedding is over.
   It will always be the right number for your event. And with bigger package and more time  you receive a larger number of images.
       Plus you always get more images than listed on the price list!

  Q: What's your style? I'm worried about photographer brothering me all night and turning the reception into a photo shoot.

  A: Gary works in an extremely unobtrusive manner.
 Only the traditional portraits are posed everything is photographed inphotojournalistic style.
 The reception should be fun.  And not turn
  into a photo shoot.
 You and your new family will be the center of
 attention and photographs.
  Q: What if the wedding is in a church and we want to go to the beach for sunset photographs.
        Do you change extra?

  A: If on your wedding day you want to go to a park, the beach or any special location, we don't charge extra.
   This just adds to the magic of  your day.
  Q: What Cameras do you use? Do you bring backup equipment?

  A: Yes a real professional always has backup equipment.
       I work the Canon 5D  Mark 3 and the Canon 5D Mark 2 cameras system.
    23 / 21 megapixel full frame cameras.
      The high definition files are extremely sharp and clear.
  Q: What about Photoshop?
  A: Gary has been working with Photoshop since Version Four.  He is a digital expert.  Member of National Association of Photoshop Professionals.
      And can work digital magic with Photoshop!
      If you're nervous and wake up with a blemish on your special day, you'll never see it on a finish print.
  Q: What is digital package, and do I need to be a digital expert to order one?    
  A: Part of the service you pay for is not just the time at the wedding, but the time spend enhancing the photographs.
      You are not just handed a disk of pictures, you must have photo software and spend hours to process.
      Also you never see a bad pictures or expression.
     Gary spend hours on  his computers  working on the
     the files so the fininshed images are ready to print.
     A digital package include a backup DVD with the master set of the Full  Size Jpeg file converted from camera raw. 
     These file are color corrected and enhanced and can converted to print .
     Two copy's of CD with a set of All prints files in 4 x 6.
     With permission to print on CD face.
     Also a selection of 8 x 10 print files.
     And a second CD of web files that have been enhanced Web use.
Web images  can easy be used on your  Facebook page or sent  by email without being resized.
  Q:Why are prints included with digital packages?

  A: So you will have some of Gary's perfect prints.
       I print with professional Epson archival printers.
       One that is set up just to print in Black & White.
       I make sure the archival prints are printed to my standards.
       Prints from a photo lab will last 40 years.
       Gary's photographs in color will last 100 years.
       Black & White prints will last 200 years.
  Q: Beside time at wedding what is different in package sizes ?
  A: Full packages come with a
Free Engagement Session at the beach or park with no extra charge.
      The digital files can be use for engagement  
      announcements,  signing board, or wall print.
      With all package you get digital retouching and prints converted to Black & White and Sepia.
      With bigger packages you get more digital work and magic.
  Q: What is the DVD Slide Show?
        All packages level 2 and up come with  (4) copy's of the multimedia DVD Slide Show.
      This is a storytelling version of your wedding photos.
      This DVD plays on your home entertainment system.
      It is a great way to share your wedding day story with family and friends and relive your special day over and over.
  Q: What is the Basic Video Coverage and why do the package have less number still images?
      Gary shoots the Basic Video Coverage as he 
         photographs the wedding.
        Shooting with the Canon Vixia HFG10 /20 HD Video
    THe camera's is on a tripod. Coverage of Ceremony. First Dance and high lights of wedding receptions.
        Some events work best in video like the toast and fast dances. This is cover better with video than still images.
       Over all you get a better over all coverage of the wedding day with the mix of Still and Video photograph.
 Q: Why is Full Video Coverage different?
 Gary bring a second professional
 photographer with him and works with him
 and directs him on shooting the Full Video
 Coverage while he shoots the complete
 Photography Coverage of your wedding day.

   Signing Board.

  Q: How long after the wedding day before I
 get my package?

  A: You will receive your digital package, Topflight album and multimedia DVD Slide Show two - three weeks after your  wedding day.
 Finished album turn around is 2-10 weeks.
 The GrapiStudio Book are printed in Italy so
 it will take the full 10  weeks.

  Q: How long do I have to upgrade my wedding package after my date?
  A: Gary use and upgrade pricing system. Your price is locked for 1 year after your date. After that you would just pay current list price of different in albums cost.
  Q: How do I pick my full size album and what if I want more photos in my book than on price list?

  A: You just select what prints you want in the main album from  your Topflight album, digital CD. Or online viewing.
       Gary will design your album in Storybook Style.
       Extra prints can be added for small charge.
 Q: What about hidden cost on wedding packages?

 A:  Gary's wedding do not have extra charges.
  Even tax is included in the price.
  You only pay for Extra Prints,
  Not For Any Service! Ever!
More question just give Mainland Photography Studio a call.
Gary will help make your wedding day dreams
 come true b
y capturing those wonderful
 moments that you want to treasure.
 Allow a caring, creative, and professional
 wedding photographer  to be part of your
 wedding day.
 Choose a coverage, to stay in budget and to
 capture your dreams!

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