Landscape Photography wall art of gary c gay national  and state parks black and white prints.

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           Landscape Photography.

               Wall Art Limited Edition Prints. 

       Distinctive Color and Black & White Archival Prints.

     As a teenager a picture changed Gary's life. That image was Clearing Storm From Tunnel View by Ansel Adams.
     At that time he made a promise to  learn to capture moments in time and take photographs the world would enjoy.

     Gary is national award winning landscape photographer.
     Over the past  years he has worked on capturing some of nature most spectacular settings.
     Using high resolution digital  cameras to capture photographs that have been called breathtaking.
     Custom wall art may be order from any image on the landscape pages.
     Printed on Photograph Paper or Rag Fine Art Papers.       
     In Full Color or Archival Black & White Prints.

     "All images are as my eyes see them". They are  HDR using exposure blending of single image, to
     bring out full detail and tonal range. No skys have been replaced in any photograph, only enhanced to
     bring  out the true colors  and magical light found in nature.

                       Jekyll 1
                     Landscapes of Jekyll Island, Georgia.
                    The Jewel of the Golden Isles .                                                                      Jekyll Island

                    Unique Images of the beaches and  historic  areas of Jekyll Island  State Park, Georgia.

                          Cumberland 1

                                                                         Landscapes of the South:                                                                                          
                       Cumberland Island National Seashore.            
                       Darien, Georgia. St. Simons Island, Georgia.    
                       Fernandian Beach, Florida.    
                      Okefenodee National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia. 
                       Congaree National Park, South Carolina.        
                         The South
                         Smoky 1  
                                                                   Landscapes of the Smoky:                                                                                          
                        Landscapes from the  Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia .   
                        Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  
                        North Carolina.   Tennessee.         

                        antelope canyon   Antelope 1
                         Landscapes of the West:
                        Classic location of the American West:                                                                                           
Arizona. California. Nevada. Utah.                            West
                 Yosemite 1
                 Landscapes of Yosemite:  The Valley of Light.   
                  Yosemite National Park, California.                   Yosemite Park      
      Gary photographs hang in homes, offices and galleys.
      To order your only custom prints your family can enjoy for a lifetime.
      Call (912) 265-1205

      To order just use the code next to each print.
 Commission Photography: Just call with detail of the photographs you like for your
      business or home

Custom Print Prices:
      White or Black Museum Mounted Using Linen tape.
      Prints be order in: Archival Black & White
      Color Archival Prints may be order on Photo Luster or Photograph Rag Paper.
       Print  Size.      Mount Board Size.           Price.
5 x 7           matted          8 x 10                  20.00
            8 x 10            matted        14 x 11                  40.00
          17 x 11           matted        20 x 16                  75.00
          19 x 13           matted        20 x 16                 100.00 
          20 x 16           matted        24 x 20                 175.00
          21 x 17           matted        28 x 24                 250.00

           Shipped UPS. Exact Charges.
          Custom Framing is available.    Volume Discounts .


           Jekyll Island Jewel of the Golden Isles DVD on Sale:

               Red Bug Motor's Pizza.

              500 Riverview Dr Jekyll Island, Georgia.  (912) 635-9730

                Red Bug  Motors

             500 N Beach view Dr. Jekyll Island, Georgia.  (912) 635-9330 

          Or call to order your copy:


         1st copy.  19.95  Includes shipping.

        2ed copy12.95


             A Framed Display of  Gary's Scenic Photography can be view at:

        Seaside  Ophthalmology   /  Dr. Bonnie J. Brooks

                          3303 Glynn Avenue. Brunswick, GA 31520 


          4 of Gary's Scenic and Jekyll Landscape Images Sized 54 x 31

     will be hanging in the New Brunswick High School Cafeteria.

                                                (see  Commercial  to view images.) 

      email :

    Telephone:  (912) - 265 - 1205