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Commercial Photography is Available by Day Rate or Project.

High Definition Digital Photography. For Web and Print Use.

 Digital retouching.

Archival Printing.

           Gary Jekyll Island, Georgia photographs.

          Gary can provide a single black & white photograph

         or the images for a full layout for a magazine. 

             Photo's By Gary C. Gay

                Local author by Gary C. Gay.


                               CD Photography and Design by Gary C. Gay.

              album cover

  Simply Flawless With A Nasty Swagga.  Photography By  Gary C. Gay

 Scenic & Landscape Photographs for Offices and Homes. 

      Landscape photo 1   Scenic photograph

      Scenice Photography 2   Landscape photograph 2

      51 x 34 Photographs Hanging In Cafeteria New Brunswich High School. 

  Karate / Martial Art Schools:

 Class Digital composite:


                       Martial Art School Photography.


                                                       Trading Cards. 

                Print / Digital Packages. 









                Commercial Photography For Print, Web, and Advertising.

      Copy.   Digital Retouching / Restoration.







       copy print

       work print restored 

  Full digital Restoration Service and  Printing. Saving your family treasures. 

  Digital Magic.  Retouching / Restoration.  

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